Born from cricket stumps and croquet mallets

Established in 1867 by Henry Burbidge with a capital of ten shillings, our woodworking company has stood the test of time. Through economic recessions, technological revolutions, and two world wars, we have thrived, even rebuilding our factory after the Coventry Blitz. Today, we remain a family-owned business, manufacturing in the UK and drawing on a rich woodworking heritage.

While our origins lie in crafting cricket stumps and croquet mallets, we have continuously reinvented ourselves. Over the years, we have produced a diverse range of timber products, including drumsticks, guitar bodies, recorders for musical instruments, stiletto heels, and wooden components for Ten Pin Bowling alleys.

In the early 1970s, we introduced our first kitchen range, and then in the 1980s, we started supplying bathroom doors, maximising our rich wood working legacy and talent doe design to offer a superior, solid timber option in a market flooded with budget designs.

Family has always been at the core of the Burbidge business and we are proud that this solid family framework has been a major attribute to our sustained success throughout the years.

Today with the fifth generation now at the helm, Burbidge & Son is widely recognised as one of the leading UK bathroom furniture makers in the industry, thanks to this strong heritage.

A lovely yarn, but why does this matter to me you ask?

Above all because it demonstrates that you are in reassuringly experienced hands …

You are also buying a piece of furniture that has been carefully made in our workshops in the heart of the country, crafted by long-serving and highly skilled UK-based specialists.

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